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Buy Before You Sell: Why Non-Contingent Offers Matter

Navigating the real estate market can be daunting, especially when deciding whether to buy a new home before selling your current one. Traditionally, homeowners sell first and then buy, but in today's fast-paced market, a different strategy is gaining popularity: buying a new home before selling your existing one. This approach, particularly when using non-contingent offers, can be a game-changer. Even more so when you leverage the expertise of a home-buying company that partners with agents to streamline the process.

Understanding Non-Contingent Offers

A non-contingent offer is a commitment to purchase a property without relying on the sale of your current home. This type of offer removes a significant layer of uncertainty for sellers, making your bid more attractive and competitive in a hot market.

The Role of Home-Buying Companies

Home-buying companies that partner with real estate agents provide invaluable services to both buyers and sellers. These companies help mitigate the stress associated with market sales and financing contingencies, ensuring a smoother transition. Here's how they make a difference:

These companies provide the cash to purchase a new home, based on the value of the current house, then sell the existing property on the market, with a percentage of the sale of the home ultimately going to the company.

In some cases, the companies providing a kind of trade-in option are lenders or real estate brokers that purchase a buyer's existing home so the buyer has cash to make a more competitive offer on another one.

While there's often an additional fee or percentage of the final sale price that goes to the company providing the service, the ultimate goal for many lenders and brokers offering these types of programs is to encourage people to actively buy and sell homes. The broker will benefit from the commission of being a part of two transactions, and the lender will typically provide the homeowner with his or her next mortgage.

Should You Sell Your Home to a Company?

If you need cash to make yourself more competitive in purchasing your next home, a trade-in company, lender, or broker offering a trade-in service could be the right move. Here are some factors to consider:

Current Housing Market:

Higher interest rates have slowed housing market activity in many parts of the U.S. While demand still outpaces supply in many areas, houses are staying on the market longer than they did in 2021 and early 2022.

Market Incentives:

Homebuilders are offering incentives such as lower interest rates, sometimes as low as 4.99%. This presents a great opportunity to purchase a new home.

Market Success:

If you're unsure about selling your home, speak with a real estate agent to assess your potential success on the market. Additionally, inquire with companies that could buy your house to understand your options.


Buying a new home before selling your current one, especially with the support of a home buying company and non-contingent offers, can provide significant advantages in today's real estate market. This strategy offers flexibility, reduces stress, and can lead to a smoother transition into your new home. By partnering with experts and preparing adequately, you can successfully navigate the complexities of this approach and move confidently into the next chapter of your life.


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