“Healthy homes are quickly evolving as not just a nice thing to do but almost a moral responsibility for all of us in this space to do,” says CR Herro, Vice President of Innovation, Meritage Homes.

For builders of healthy homes, the pandemic has ushered in a moment of opportunity. They should seize this moment—and give careful consideration to why healthy homes matter, what goes into them, and how to market them, according to CR Herro, Vice President of Innovation at Meritage Homes, one of the nation’s largest production home builders

“Post-pandemic, all of us have an incredible opportunity and receptivity from consumers to inspire them to make good choices and select healthier built environments, to spend a little more to get significantly better-functioning homes,” Herro said.

At a recent event for the Healthy Home Alliance, Herro discussed five key components of healthy homes.

1. Indoor Air Quality

In our pandemic era, we’re all keenly aware, perhaps now more than ever, of the importance of clean air. Builders have a “responsibility to improve the air quality of the built environment,” Herro said.