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The last year and a half has brought so much change since the pandemic hit and it has affected the way that we live and use our homes. People want to feel safe and comfortable. Since the lockdowns kept so many of us stuck at home, it really inspired us to want to make the most of our space. As a result, our homes have become a place of work, education, rest, entertainment, and eating. We’ve had to adjust and use our kitchens as home offices, our bedrooms as classrooms for our kids, and our living rooms as a place to exercise. Each room has had to become multi-functional as we transition to this new way of living.

So, with that being said, let's dive into the 2022 interior design trends you can expect in the coming year:

  1. Convertible Furniture

As mentioned above, the pandemic has shifted the way we use our spaces and has forced us to use our homes in more multi-functional ways. Versatility is going to be a common trend going into 2022 as we’ll see spaces and interior design pieces have more than one use. Expect to see more convertible furniture used in home interiors for 2022.

2. Extreme Minimalism

While minimalism has become more common in recent years, extreme minimalism is definitely on-trend for 2022. Extreme minimalism has been brought on by the need to purge belongings to free up space for daily activities that now have to be accomplished from within the home. In addition to creating space, purging/decluttering is said to help reduce stress. As a result, people are doing away with unnecessary possessions within their homes to feel more at peace and organized.

3. Warm-Toned Kitchens

Move over all-white kitchens....warm tones are in! Although white kitchens are classic and will never really go “out of style”, 2022 is all about adding warmth to the home to make people feel comfortable and cozy. Expect to see a lot more kitchens that embrace warm, natural mid-tones in their cabinetry, furniture, and decor.

4. Light-Colored Floors

Light-colored hardwood floors will continue to be on-trend in 2022 for a few reasons. First, light colors help to make a space feel larger so it makes sense that in a time that we are confined to our homes, we’d want to make our surroundings feel more spacious. Second, light floors reflect the natural light that comes in from windows and help to make the light travel around a space, thus making it feel more airy and bright. Third, hardwood flooring that is obtained from a domestic resource is actually one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options which is very aligned with the trend for sustainability. And lastly, wood flooring is one of the best examples of how to bring natural elements into your home in a beautiful way.

5. Black Accents

Although there is a common theme of natural elements coming into 2022, black accents will be more popular as well. This is likely because of the beautiful contrast they provide against natural wood tones and other organic materials. You can expect to see black being used in furniture, lighting, home decor, trim, doors, walls, ceilings, and kitchen appliances.

6. Comfort and Durability

Due to spending more time than ever in our homes in 2020 and 2021, comfort and durability became key elements for home interiors. Without certainty about whether we will be able to get back to regular life, people are embracing the fact that they may have to work and school from home for several more months. As a result, we will see furniture, textiles, and materials that focus on comfort while being able to withstand more frequent use.


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